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The red original Kurvenlinfix manages the time-consuming production of a template within a very short time. Exact milling templates are the result! Even the elaborate programming of a CNC machine is often more expensive than the purchase of the Kurvenlinfix. But also unique forms directly at the workpiece are possible in the freest forms. The Kurvenlinfix is then the template. The flexible stop rail is exact and, thanks to its smooth surface, contributes to an immediate optimum milling result on the stop ring of the table milling machine or the thrust ball bearing of the hand router. Expensive and time-consuming reworking is no longer necessary.

The "Kurvenlinfix" is made of highly elastic plastic, which is tough and flexible at the same time. This high-quality material can even be knotted without any problems and without losing its flexible properties.

You can simply screw the Kurvenlinfix with the edge to a given line or then optimize the shape from a temporary template, e.g. made of cardboard. Furthermore, it is also possible to produce segmental arches, basket arches, welds or light cutouts in free forms with the Kurvenlinfix as a stop for the router. The Kurvenlinfix can also be used as a template for curved profile strips or curved window frames, etc. The great advantage lies in the flexibility and the elimination of templates that are costly to produce. This is an enormous saving, especially for small quantities.

The Kurvenlinfix is available in different cross-sections and various lengths. Lengths available. The "mini" version has a cross-section of 12 x 12 mm and can be used for a minimum 50/70 mm radius (inside/outside). Curve Linfix "Standard" (currently only available on request) with a cross-section of 18 x 18 mm allows a minimum 100/120 mm radius (inside/outside). The following applies: the smaller the radii, the thinner the Linfix should be. For this reason, the "picco" is now available with a cross-section of only 8 x 8 mm, allowing minimum radii of 30/40 mm (inside/outside). For longer only slightly curved shapes, the larger cross-section is more ideal due to the higher stability from screw to screw.

Please alsonote the kurvenformfix. This bendable milling support rail has an additional inner part. This allows a form to be removed, fixed and transferred directly to the building object. The kurvenformfix can either be used for drawing the contour or can be screwed directly onto the template or the workpiece. Cross section 22 x 22 mm, bendable radii inside max. 60 mm and outside max. 80 mm. Delivery includes fastening screws.<br/>Below you will find a comparison of the advantages of these two variants Kurvenlinfx and Kurvenformix as a pdf file to download.

Info sheet as pdf-file

Curvefix-Linfix.pdf Curvelinfix 02.pdf Kurvenlinfix english.pdf Curveformfix.pdf

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Curve linfix "Mini" to screw on 600 mm long -Action price-
26,70 €
31,77 €
Curve linfix "Mini" to screw on 1200 mm long -Action price-.
52,60 €
62,59 €
Kurvenlinfix "picco" the thinnest to screw on 500 mm long
22,10 €
26,30 €
Curve Form Fix 125 cm long 22 x 22 mm -Action Price-
197,50 €
235,03 €