Joint glue applicator

Simple and inexpensive device for rational board gluing up to wood thicknesses of 40 mm. At the same time, the holding strips ensure a simple limitation of the individual boards to be glued upwards. If the board thickness is significantly thinner than the distance specified by the cross cam, this can be optimized by adding a small spacer wood. The cross cams can be used either flat (max. 20 mm) or on edge (max. 40 mm). This allows the spacing to be adjusted for thinner or thicker glue layers.

The standard joint gluing unit consists of 12 cross cams, 12 cross cams with thread and 2 keys. With 2 clamping units per gluing layer, this is sufficient for 6 board gluing operations on top of each other, or correspondingly less with several clamping units per layer.

The small joint gluing unit consists of 4 cross cams, 4 cross cams with thread and 1 key. This allows a maximum of 2 gluing layers with 2 tensions each or one gluing layer with 4 tensions.

The 25-piece set is ideal for many gluing layers on top of each other, e.g. for gluing boards for solid wood fillings.

The required connecting wood strips of veneer board or solid wood are made by the user. Holes with 18 mm diameter are required for the cams.

Already the 9-piece set is an inexpensive and space-saving gluing station for every woodworker.

Please also note the glue box "Rollfix". Ideal for quick gluing of edges or long narrow parts. Please click on Rollfix for more information.

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Joint glue applicator small 9pcs. without holding bars
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Joint glue applicator 26pcs. without holding bars
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