LED lectern light single foot

This "one-foot" lectern light is ideal for narrow lectern surfaces. Next to the central base there are 2 separately rotatable tubes, each with a powerful warm white LED. With a total width of 290 mm, this luminaire is suitable for narrow lectern surfaces.

The base, an 8 mm brass tube, is attached by drilling a hole vertically into the desk top and a counter support on the underside. The countering can be done either by the supplied mounting insert with grub screw or by a grub screw that presses transversely on the tube in the wood. The height of the light can be adjusted once from 100 mm to max. 250 mm by shortening the mounting tube. It makes sense that the underside of the desk surface should not be visible because of the fastening.

For special solutions, a shaft rosette or a hemispherical insert are still available as accessories for fastening. Please click on mounting options.

This luminaire is equipped with 2 x warm white LEDs and provides a very good illumination with a warm light color tone. A 230 V socket power supply provides the low voltage. The 230 V socket used should be switchable, as there is no on/off switch available on the luminaire itself. The low-voltage cable length from the luminaire to the plug-in power supply unit is either sufficient or can be extended so that the 230 V socket can also be installed in the base of the lectern. Further electrical details can be adjusted on site.

Please note that our lectern lights require a certain amount of assembly. For the specialized trade we grant a usual discount on the prices shown below.



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Small, single-leg LED music stand light made of brass, straight, with 230 V E connection
249,80 €
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