Ceiling drill stand with crank lift

With this practical novelty, you can drill mounting holes overhead almost effortlessly even in hard concrete ceilings or in steel beams, etc.. The use of drill bits is also possible. Due to the central power transmission via the machine and the holding tube/chassis against the ground, there are no lateral forces. Furthermore, you have a high flexibility, because the device can be moved independently of the drilling site and the ceiling. A quick change to the next drilling site is possible because no clamping with the ceiling is required.

The crank device is very flexible in the height adjustment and the feasible drilling depth due to the crank adjustment over approx. 800 - 1000 mm. The possible drilling diameter depends on the hardness of the material. For steel or reinforced concrete, this is max. approx. 12 mm. For softer materials or when using drill bits (lower cutting pressure), larger drilling diameters are also possible. The standard crank drill is suitable for clear room heights from 2.40 m to 3.30 m*. The shorter KK version of the crank device allows room heights from 2.20 m to 3.10 m*. The simple height adjustment makes the device very flexible with regard to changing clear room heights and thus also allows deeper drill holes with significantly more than 100 mm. If long drills up to e.g. 40 cm are used and deep holes up to 40 cm are desired, this must be taken into account in the possible clear room height. The above data are based on drill lengths and drilling depths of approx. 150 mm. The basic height of the KKS version is shortened to a maximum and can therefore be used for room heights from 1.85 - 2.25 m* or for greater room heights with longer drills and greater drilling depths. As a measure for the maximum load of the device, the comparison with the possible manual drilling from the arm is to be applied.

*For self-calculation of the possible room heights, please note the information below on the 3 length variants. This device is suitable for the application"fastening of glued ceiling insulation panels by means of plate dowels" or the Heraklith concrete screw DDS plus. With the drilling stroke option well over 100 mm, the holes for these fasteners can be drilled in one go, first through the soft insulating board and then in the concrete ceiling.

Your existing impact drill* is clamped in the machine mount of the drill stand by means of the clamping neck clamp (standard D=43 mm, other sizes on request up to max. D=60 mm).

The triangular chassis made of a sturdy 6 mm steel plate, stove-enamelled silver-grey and equipped with 3 rotating industrial wheels, provides good tilt stability as a counter pole to the drilling machine. As an accessory we offer the "alternative pipe holder" off center above one of the wheels. This allows ceiling drilling even with a small distance to the wall.

The drilling machine mount of the ceiling drilling stand is made of aluminum. The pole with rack and pinion crank is made of steel.

*Please check the dimensions of your percussion drill: 1. diameter of the clamping neck (cyl. part directly behind the drill chuck, often e.g. also for holding a side handle), 2. length of the machine housing from rear edge of clamping neck may be max. 310 mm and 3. center of drill to narrowest outer edge max. 34 mm. Below you will find a photo to help you determine the maximum dimensions or parameters of your drilling machine. *To determine the appropriate length variant for you, we will give you the respective length dimension of the ceiling drilling stand without drilling machine and drill. Lowest position for standard version "K" 228 cm, for shorter version "KK" 208 cm and for shortened version "KKS" 168 cm. To determine the lowest usable room height, please add the total length of the drill chuck + clamped drill + distance between drill chuck and drill machine housing. Total dimension + at least 1 cm results in the lowest clear room height in which the ceiling drill rig can be used.

If you require a chuck diameter other than 43 mm for your existing drilling machine, we can adapt the clamping neck clamp to your individual dimension above 43 mm up to max. 60 mm. Please order accordingly and specify the desired dimension. With this device you make easier the time-consuming and strength-sapping drilling work directly from the arm and often also from a ladder, especially when drilling a lot of holes. The overhead drill rig can be seen as a precursor to the Hilti drilling robot "jabot" for all users who want to use such an auxiliary device not only on large construction sites.

From versch. Drilling companies now offer special drills with suction connections from diameters of 6/8/10/12 mm. We have seen these at Fischer-Dübel and at Heller as so-called DUSTER EXPERT HM drills and have had good experience with them. The direct extraction of the drilling dust in the drill is a great advantage and makes this overhead work even easier. We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have. When using wet drill bits, we recommend systems from e.g. Hilit such as the DD120 water collection system or DD-WMS 100 for extraction.

The time and force savings amortize this device in a very short time!

Supplied in 2 cartons pre-assembled into individual parts for easy final assembly. For quick transport, the drill stand can be disassembled into 3 - 4 handy individual parts.

Development is protected. Short application video available.

Sketch of maximum dimensions of the drilling machine

Dimension sketch drilling machine.JPG

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Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Ceiling drill rig with crank for room heights 2.20 - 3.10 m incl. steel chassis
725,00 €
862,75 €
Ceiling drill rig extra short with crank for room heights 1.85 - 2.25 m incl. steel chassis
765,00 €
910,35 €
Ceiling drill rig with crank for room heights 2.45 - 3.30 m incl. steel chassis
745,00 €
886,55 €
Adjustment of the neck clamp to your required individual size larger than 43 mm (Please let us know your desired size up to max. 60 mm in the shopping cart. THANK YOU!)
45,80 €
54,50 €