LED Lectern Light Bipedal

High-quality elongated brass lectern luminaire in 3 surface finishes such as polished brass and colorless lacquered, matt nickel or silver-gray RAL 9006 stove enameled. The luminaire is equipped with 21 high-quality double LEDs in warm white light hue and produces unobtrusive illumination (approx. 450 lumens) of the lectern surface and, in dark surroundings, restrained illumination of the speaker.

The rotatable tube with an outer diameter of 18 mm and a lamp width of 336 mm makes it possible, e.g. for lecterns or pulpits, to drill the mounting tubes directly into the lectern surface. Since 2020 we can also offer you the rod length of 550 mm in brass pol. and colorless lacquered. Please click on straight special length with B5410.

We deliver the lamp with 25 cm long straight mounting tubes with outer diameter 8 mm. Alternatively, the brass version can be supplied with slightly cranked arms at no extra charge. The arms can be shortened to the desired length. This allows you to adjust the luminaire to the optimum height distance from the desk surface in terms of appearance and lighting technology. However, it must be ensured that the electric cables for 24 V direct current running in the tube are not damaged. The mounting in the wood is done by drilling in and fixing with a cross screw or with the also offered mounting inserts as accessories.

Power supply by plug-in power supply unit supplied for 100 - 230 V luminous flux. If the lighting is to be switchable, a switch for the plug socket must be attached to the desk housing or at another suitable location. If brightness control is desired, a rotary dimmer can be inserted into the low current cable.

Luminaire width 336 mm Minimum width of the desk surface 360 mm

Surface finishes:

  • brass polished and colorless lacquered
  • brass matt nickel plated (similar to stainless steel)
  • silver-grey lacquered (RAL 9006)


  • Fastening inserts made of brass or rosettes by clicking on Fastening options.
  • Brightness control/dimmer

Delivery via specialized trade!

Please note that our desk lights require a certain amount of assembly. To the specialized trade we grant a usual discount on the prices shown below.


Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
LED desk lamp 336 mm lg. Brass pol., frbl.lack. with light headed arms
324,10 €
385,68 €
LED desk lamp 336 mm lg. Nickel matt
324,10 €
385,68 €
LED desk lamp 336 mm lg. Brass pol., frbl.lac.
324,10 €
385,68 €
Dimmer with rotary knob in housing for LED desk lights
19,50 €
23,21 €
LED desk light 336 mm lg. silver gray lac. (RAL 9005) - special offer -
289,50 €
344,51 €
Brass surcharge per desk light reduced from 1. 10. 2023
7,50 €
8,93 €