Center clamp for pillar drilling machine

Quick clamping device for center holes of mainly round parts for setting center holes.

Device consists of a 4-jaw chuck for clamping on the table of the pillar drilling machine. Ideal for drilling larger leather or wooden nuts, mechanics parts, face holes of punches (long punches can be inserted under the table), all sizes of tapered valves, etc. But also rockers and wooden mechanics parts can be clamped for always exact center bores by means of the counter-rotating jaws.

A drilling jig that greatly simplifies the drilling of small parts.

Base plate 400 x 100 mm min. 22 mm thick with center drill D=50 mm for holding the jaw chuck is made by the user.

Clamping range 4-jaw chuck from 0 to min. D=60 mm

Delivery incl. insertable clamping lever

We can offer you the indicated stock price while stocks last. This depends on the availability of the 4-jaw chucks used.



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Center clamp for pillar drilling machine 4-jaw chuck horizontal, without wood holder - stock price while stocks last -.
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