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Close woodworm holes with hot wax

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KSF CM340 Lift for overhead mounting and sack truck with lifting platform

Very affordable portable lift for overhead assembly work. CM340 up to 3 m high from the manufacturer KSF for installing awnings, air conditioning…

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Burning cone set

The firing cones with double effect, because the borehole is fired at the same time as the stick cone.

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Affordable rechargeable LED hand lamp

Handy LED light with multi-fixing options using magnet, hook, adjustable foot, clips, tripod thread, etc. Ideal as an additional companion next to…

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ZOBO wood drill

High-quality Swiss wood drill bits

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Thread Rolling Machine for Thin Wires

Individual easy to roll thread on wires and thin rods.

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Fine rasp set in 3 shapes and very fine cut

Affordable 3-piece rasp set with very fine cut for super-sharp rasping work

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Drill many holes over head

Dowel holes, apertures, insulation fastenings, etc. can be drilled rationally and effortlessly with the ceiling drill rig, especially when a lot of…

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Miscellaneous Organ leather and new materials for organ building

Optimal hide leather from cattle and sheep and cheap gasometer leather. NEW Bevelled strips of sheepskin and innovative pulp discs made of stainless…

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LED lights for lecterns, music stands, pictures

Ideal bar lights for lecterns, music stands, displays, showcases etc. with LED technology

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Wood twist drill super sharp with high cutting edges

Assortments in 0.5 mm increments up to 10 or 13 mm in lifting cassette. Special price as long as stock lasts!

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Circular saw blade very thin

Thinnest circular saw blades with cutting widths from 0.6 mm and carbide tipped from 1.2 / 1.5 / 1.8 / 2.0 mm with shaft mounting 30 mm individually…

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