Genie Superlift "Contractor

The SLC series of Genie Superlifts is the slightly lighter version. Ideal for assembly work of equipment weighing less than 300 kg. 3 lengths are available. With max. lifting heights for the SLC 12 of 3.94 m; SLC 18 of 5.41 m and the SLC 24 of 7.32 m.

Compared to theSL-Advantage units, the SLC units have slightly longer telescopic masts. In working position, these have a minimum height of 2.18 m, too high for some doors. However, no problem when tipping the unit and transporting it like a hand truck.

Due to the slightly longer telescopic masts, the load capacity is limited to 300 kg throughout. With theSL-Advantage units this is higher in the lower range up to max. 454 kg. This must be taken into account for particularly heavy transport parts.

The SLC superlifts are supplied as standard with large transport wheels for movement like a hand truck and, from SLC 18, with additional lateral outriggers. With 93, 139 and 170 kg respectively, the SLC can also be transported to other floors via stairs due to its relatively low dead weight.

Prices include delivery within Germany.

For more information, including dimensions, please see the downloadable PDF brochure below.

If you need a lift with a lifting height of up to 8.50 m, but max. load of 200 kg, with electric drive- please inform yourself by clicking onSuperlift or contact us. You can find further lifting or assembly devices from our offer by clicking on ouroverview.

If you are looking for a general overview of our various lifting devices, please click on Superlift. Lifting devices, then please click in our digital catalog with the following linkLifting/Transportation.

Brochure as pdf

SLC brochure.pdf

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Genie SLC 12 max. 295 kg on max. 3.94 m, dead weight 93 kg free domestically!
Genie SLC 12
2.970,00 €
3.534,30 €
Genie SLC 18 max. 295 kg on max. 5.64 m, empty weight 139 kg, free domestic delivery!
Genie SLC 18
3.760,00 €
4.474,40 €
Genie SLC 24 max. 295 kg on 7,32 m, dead weight 170 kg, free domestic delivery!
Genie SLC 24
4.290,00 €
5.105,10 €