ZOBO Drill

ZOBO the high-quality drill bit with advantages and additional benefits

ZOBO is the only manufacturer to offer almost every millimeter size from 10 - 80 mm and individual sizes up to 130 mm. Compared to normal artificial drill bits or Forstner bits, ZOBO drill bits have replaceable center points and the drill bits can be extended almost indefinitely via an internal thread. The interchangeable tips make it possible to use longer tips or even a twist drill instead of the tip or, with System 3, a tang. Ideal for angled holes or when the center of through holes needs to be clearly visible on the other side of the workpiece for counterboring.

The basic length of the drill bit is the same for every diameter at 100 mm and in some cases 150 mm for System 3. This advantage is evident when used on pillar drilling machines. The table height can remain fixed when changing diameters and the drilling depth is still the same.

The cutting geometry and the pre-cutters are optimal with ZOBO. In the standard version made of chrome steel, the surface is also hard chrome-plated for a longer service life. For use in sheet material or extra hard surfaces, the drills are also available with carbide-tipped cutting edges.

You can resharpen the chrome steel drill bits yourself. By removing the center point, the drill cutting edge can be resharpened cleanly up to the center. The center point, the most sensitive part of normal drill bits, does not need to be sharpened and can be easily replaced if necessary.

We supply these drills individually or in favorable assortments according to your specifications. Please ask for our offer! Individual prices for information can be found via the following link to the catalog page of ZOBO Bohrsysteme swss made If necessary, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Thefollowing assortments have proven themselves in organ building due to possible millimeter availability and high quality:

ZOBO organ builder's assortment 15 - 40 mm 26 pieces ZOBO chrome steel C-drill Syst. 2 in every millimeter size from D= 15 - 40 mm

ZOBO extension assortment large 41 - 50 mm 10 pieces ZOBO chrome steel C-drills Syst. 2. Every millimeter dimension up to 50 mm as remaining stock at a special price. Later only Syst. 3 with strong centering tips available.

ZOBO extension assortment 10 - 14 mm 5 pieces ZOBO chrome steel C-drills Syst. 2 in every millimeter size from D= 10 - 14 mm to extend and complete the organ builder's assortment for drilling pipe chairs.

Special offer: At the moment we still have some ZOBO drills in mint condition from remaining stock in stock at favorable prices. Only available while stocks last. Chrome steel C version. See below for available individual sizes and prices.

If you are looking for a general overview of our range of wood drills, please click on the following link Wood drills in our digital catalog.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
ZOBO 26pcs. assortment chrome steel C-drill Syst. 2 D= 15 - 40 mm
1.460,00 €
1.737,40 €
ZOBO 10pcs. extension assortment chrome steel C-drill large Syst. 3 with centers D= 41 - 50 mm
1.490,00 €
1.773,10 €
ZOBO depth adjuster Syst.2 up to 25 mm ZoboNo. 762584
64,10 €
76,28 €
ZOBO extension Syst.2 up to 30 mm by 150 mm for hand machine ZoboNo. 762591
59,80 €
71,16 €
ZOBO Depth regulator Syst.2 31 to 50 mm ZoboNo. 762586
82,40 €
98,06 €
ZOBO extension Syst.2 up to 30 mm by 400 mm for hand machine ZoboNo. 762592
83,80 €
99,72 €
ZOBO 5 pcs. Center point up to D=30 mm normal length ZoboNo. 762607
21,50 €
25,59 €
ZOBO 5 pcs. Center point up to D=30 mm overlength +4mm ZoboNo. 762608
31,80 €
37,84 €
ZOBO 5 pcs. Center drill D=3 mm to drill 30 mm excess length +26 mm ZoboNo. 706129
58,60 €
69,73 €
ZOBO Chromst. Syst.3 D=68,0 mm Remaining price
ZOBO C3 - 68,0
215,00 €
255,85 €
ZOBO Chromst. Syst.3 D=96,0 mm Remaining special price
ZOBO C3 - 96,0
240,00 €
285,60 €
ZOBO 10-piece extension assortment chrome steel C-drill large syst. 2 D= 41 - 50 mm - Remaining special price -
1.270,00 €
1.511,30 €
ZOBO 5-piece extension assortment chrome steel C-drill bit syst. 2 D= 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 mm - Remaining special price -
210,00 €
249,90 €