Vise for planing bench

The ideal accessory for planing benches or as a sep. scraper variant for assemblies.

On a beech solid block with additional hole for fastening by means of screw clamp, the precision vise made of ground steel was mounted. Ideal for mounting on a workbench by increasing the working height by 15 cm, but also ideal for clamping in the rear tongs of planing benches. Furthermore, this vice can replace the vice previously offered by ULMIA for machining thin moldings. For this purpose, the vise is clamped with its external mounting surfaces so deeply into the rear collet that the vise jaws protrude only slightly over the planing bench surface. The jaws then hold the thin laths and can be easily machined with the planer when pulled.

Outer dimensions wood block: 200 x 120 x 50 mmClamping dimension in rear clamp for strip processing: 60 mmVice clamping width: 65 mmClamping jaw surface: 50 x 25 mmTotal height: 170 mmWeight: 3.2 kg

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Vise for planing bench with wooden block
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