Disc punch with center pin

The punch for garnishing discs with 2 mm center hole. Outer diameter inserts 10 and 12 mm.

Punch made of steel, protected against rust. Punching inserts and center pin hardened. Removal of the punched discs, 20 - 30 pieces depending on material thickness, by pulling off the punching insert.

Please also note our punching pad for optimal clean punchings even of thin materials.

Supplied as a complete tool or as a supplement to the ring punch sets.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Disc punch with center pin and insert 10 + 12 mm
67,80 €
80,68 €
Disc punching die parts to complement ring punching die set center pin and 10 mm insert
38,90 €
46,29 €