Pipe drill

Large accurately fitting holes for pipe penetrations from 86 to 200 mm in walls of wooden houses or roof insulation are even possible at an angle with this hole saw.

If openings are required for exhaust air, exhaust gas, supply air or drain pipes, the use of this hole saw, which is available in various diameters, is a quick and cost-efficient solution. This hole saw, which is available in various diameters, is a fast and cost-saving option. The bi-metal special hole saw with a useful length of 300 mm cuts all kinds of insulating materials such as glass wool, rock wool, Styrofoam, Styrodur, thin wood, chipboard, plasterboard, fiberboard. Metals, stone, solid wood and wood materials <30 mm cannot be processed. For this purpose, please see our new offer of solid wood tube drills.

The hole saw has a hexagonal shank, suitable for three-jaw drill chucks with D=13 mm of electric hand drills. For angular drilling or exact drilling it is recommended to use the guide mandrel with drill head.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Pipe hole saw D= 130 mm with shank
365,60 €
435,06 €
Guide mandrel with drill head
95,50 €
113,65 €