Square hole chisel - Hollow chisel

With this drilling tool you can make square holes with a so-called mortising machine, similar to a pillar drill.

The tool consists of a square chisel and an internal spiral wood drill. With the drill you make the necessary round hole and with the chisel the corresponding corners are cut out at the same time only by pressure.

Our square hole mortiser sets fit e.g. on a JET mortising machine 701, which allows sizes up to 19 mm. On request we can also offer you the suitable mortising machine. An inexpensive tool for the efficient production of mortises or square holes. Mortising depth depending on hole cross section: 8=53 mm, 10=75 mm, 12=75 mm, 14=140 mm. The set consists of 1 drill and 1 chisel of the corresponding size and is made of tool steel that can be resharpened by the user.

Please also refer to the manufacturer's catalog page as per the link below.

Manufacturer catalog

47075 Hollow chisel.pdf

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Hollow chisel with drill 10 mm
74,80 €
89,01 €
Hollow chisel with drill 8 mm
67,50 €
80,33 €
Hollow chisel with drill 12 mm
78,50 €
93,42 €
Hollow chisel with drill bit 14 mm
106,80 €
127,09 €