Control mirror with lighting

A flexible illuminated magnetic lifter and mirror for difficult tasks such as examinations in hard-to-reach places or lifting screws or metallic mechanical parts an ideal aid.

Basic length 620 mm as a magnetic lifter with illumination. Instead of the magnet, the elongated mirror with a width of only 27 mm can be attached. The small very bright LED lamp illuminates the mirror surface and thus also the hard-to-reach place for examination. With the enclosed extension tube, a total length of up to 110 cm can be achieved. In the metal handle there is space for 3 x 1.5 V AA batteries with switch for illumination.

Supplied without batteries.

For complex examinations, e.g. in windchests or wind guides, the technical endoscope technique has also proven its worth. Click on digital technical endoscope for more information.

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Control mirror / magnetic lifter with lighting
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