Leica DISTO X310 the rugged one

Leica continues to optimize its instruments and make them even more practical. The previous 3-series is now available as the X310 and D3a BT. BT stands for expansion of the additional function BLUETOOTH data transmission wirelessly to the PC for integration of the data and further programs. The "a" denotes the new features such as measuring distances over obstacles with just one keystroke. Ideal for indirect height measurement via Pythagoras, where often in the horizontal an obstacle prevented this practical measurement option until now. All other known functions remain the same.

Like the larger Leica instruments, these devices have a multifunctional end piece for easy measurement from edges, out of corners or grooves, etc. Furthermore, a built-in twilight switch automatically turns on the display illumination. With a self-trigger for measuring tasks with "extended hand" or the functions known from the larger devices such as versch. Pythagoras measurements (e.g. indirect length measurements), this instrument, together with the tilt measurement up to 45 degrees and, in the case of the X310, even up to 360 degrees, is the true basic instrument of the Leica Disto family. The X310 is the only laser distance meter that is jet-proof and dust-proof - according to IP 65. In addition, it has been tested for drops from up to 2 m (6 ft).

Here are some technical data: Measuring accuracy typ. +/- 1.0 mm Range 5 cm to 100 m or 80 m with X310 Tilt sensor +/- 45 degrees or 360 degrees with X310 Batteries 2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries Outer dimensions 127 x 49 x 27 mm orl. with the robust X310 122 x 55 x 31 mm Weight with batteries approx. 150 g

Delivery includes belt pouch and batteries and, for the D3a BT, a small target plate and calibration certificate.

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