Lifting rollers up to 1000 kg

Lifting rollers for transporting heavy cabinets and the like. Whether fully loaded filing cabinets or tool cabinets, etc. or moving control cabinets is pending, with these lifting rollers you make wheels under the large furniture or technical part. In organ building, these lifting rollers can also be well used for moving organ parts, console or appropriately designed whole organs. The lifting rollers can also be permanently installed and used only as needed for appropriate service work.

The wheels with polyurethane tires of 138 mm diameter and 28 mm width are connected to the yellow galvanized steel sheet frame by a lifting mechanism. The contact surface is covered with rubber to protect the transported goods.

Load capacity per pair 1000 kg Claw height bottom 12 mm, top 50 mm Own weight per pair 10 kg

Scope of delivery: 2 lifting rollers and 1 lever rod

For moving cabinets we also recommend thefurniture lifting roller or thecorner roller set. By clicking on the terms you will be redirected to our corresponding article page.

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Lifting rollers pair up to 1000 kg
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