Wooden files/tool handles

A lacquered beech wood handle in the time-honored bulbous Ulmia shape lies optimally in the hand. Also visually stands out such a tool handle from the otherwise offered variants very positive.We can offer you these beautiful file or tool handles in 2 sizes. The centric hole can be easily drilled for larger tool attacks.

Delivery max. in small quantities up to 5 pieces.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Files/tool handle size 2 100 mm long beech lacquered
3,00 €
3,57 €
Files/tool handle size 3 110 mm long beech lacquered
3,50 €
4,17 €
Files/tool handle size 4 120 mm long beech lacquered
4,30 €
5,12 €