Burning cone for drilling machine

Steel firing cone for firing pipe stem bores for metal pipes.

Standard 60 degrees ind 2 sizes and special 90 degrees available.

With a high-speed electric drill, sensibly a pillar drill, you heat the burning cone by the friction of the clamped cone with the wood and thus easily burn the cylindrical hole to the desired cone shape.

Material: Tool steel Total length: 80 mm or 95 mm Cone diameter: max. 30 mm or 40 mm Cone angle: 60 degrees or special angle 90 degrees

Special angle: The flat cone with 90° is common e.g. in American organ building or possibly necessary for restorations. If you need other angles, please ask for a special production.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Burning cone standard steel up to D=30 mm 60 degrees for high speed drilling machine
22,90 €
27,25 €
Burning cone made of steel up to D=30 mm 90 degree special angle for high speed drilling machine
32,60 €
38,79 €
Burning cone large up to D=40 mm made of steel 60 degrees for high speed drilling machine
43,50 €
51,77 €