Automatic key depressor for tuning work

This radio-controlled automatic single-key depressor for manual and pedal keyboards with octave switching for manual keyboards impresses with its simplicity despite its high quality. Its flexibility when used on a wide range of keyboards and its light weight during transportation make it a great help.

When using the manual, it is placed on the keyboard and is therefore independent of any lateral support or the shape of the keyboard bolsters. Shorter or longer keyboard lengths to standard lengths are no problem and can be reprogrammed and saved for later use. This means that the key depressor can always be used immediately when changing from one organ to another, even with different keyboard lengths. When used in the pedal, the manual version is simply extended and placed over the pedal keyboard using lateral feet and longer pusher plungers with additional weight. The design (parallel, radial, etc.) of the pedal keyboard is no problem thanks to the freely adjustable division. Even with shorter manual keyboards (up to C - f³), the entire device always remains within the keyboard jaws and therefore independent of the shape of the keyboard jaws. For even shorter manual keyboards, the device is supplied with an extension rail which, together with the pedal extension rail, also allows these shorter keyboards to be operated within the keyboard jaws. This means that there is no disruptive protrusion outside of the keyboard jaws. No matter what form they take, lateral stop bars do not restrict the key action. Another major advantage is the low weight. The entire instrument is housed in a lightweight, sturdy case for transportation, making it easy to take with you from place to place. Total weight approx. 7 kg. This pushbutton is also suitable for air travel because the individual parts can be carried in a normal suitcase. An invaluable advantage for today's organ tuners, who often have to travel long distances. This valuable helper can also be used abroad.

The manual runner for the pusher carriage can be positioned so that keyboard ranges from C - f³ to C - c4 can be operated with the same structure**. This is possible because the "carriage" can run over the rail on the right and left. For smaller manual ranges or for pedal use, the additional rails are simply attached. The "trolley" is equipped with 2 motor-controlled and therefore powerful plungers for pressing the manual or pedal button and the locomotion motor including power supply. The hand-held radio transmitter with display, which also shows the tone name of the key pressed, controls the key depressor from the organ. If required, the display of the hand-held transmitter also guides you through the programming of the keyboard division and the keyboard range, the spacing sequence semitone, whole tone, third or up to 5 key steps and the fine adjustment of the key division (helpful for irregular key widths in the upper key area of manual keyboards) and the pressure force setting of the plungers. In addition, this technology also allows the upper or lower octave to be pressed in parallel with the note being played. A continuous automatic playing device "key by key" is helpful for testing purposes.

A highly flexible and lightweight single-key depressor for manual and pedal keyboards. Your tuning companion that you can easily adjust to your wishes and requirements at any time.

Ideal for partial or main tunings, especially if no assistant is available at the console. It can also be used to bridge tuning interruptions due to the absence of an assistant or to tune polychoral stops on your own. This keypress is primarily designed for tuning with the aid of an electronic tuner or the reference stop. Tuner or the reference register.

Tuning steps such as semitone, whole tone, third etc. can be set. Set keyboard ranges and divisions can also be stored so that they are immediately available again the next time the device is switched off. Regardless of the memory, learning a new keyboard situation is no problem within a few minutes. The key depressor can also be a helper during voicing work when pre-tuning individual or multi-chord stops. It can also be used for testing windchests or when the human keyholder is temporarily absent.

The complete key depressor fits into a carrying case (85 x 32 x 12 cm) that comes with the instrument and weighs approx. 7 kg when loaded. A weight that is a help when moving it to the organ loft, even over narrow spiral staircases.

The trolley is powered by replaceable batteries or rechargeable batteries or by a plug-in mains adapter, which is always required for pedal operation. The radio transmitter is powered by replaceable batteries or rechargeable batteries. The radio transmitter is equipped with a display that shows you the tone pressed and the battery capacity and, when programming, the steps taken.

By clicking on Manual/Pedal single button press , you will be forwarded to a short application video. There you can see the quick setup and the application. All redirects to external websites are not our responsibility.

**The additional shorter support rail enables keyboard ranges from a² to e³ or keyboards with shortened lower octaves.

An extension for operating pedal keyboards is available for manual single key pushers of this type supplied up to instrument no. 3.79. This consists of a rail extension, long special plungers, support brackets next to the pedal keyboard, pedal programming, holding weights for the plungers, etc. The extension parts can also be stowed in the transport case of the manual. Additional weight then approx. 3 - 4 kg.

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Operating instructions - User Manual

Guide Keypusher V3 usermanual.pdf
Quick Guide V3 Keypusher.pdf

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Accessories for V3P: Extension of pedal rail to 610 mm length for manual keyboards smaller f³.
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