Th/Hygro USB Data Logger

With a length of only 100 mm and a diameter of approx. 25 mm, this powerful data logger for rooms for measuring temperature and air humidity is an inconspicuous permanent measuring device. Ideal for use in the pipework of the organ or for monitoring cold rooms, refrigerated transport, machine rooms or, of course, living rooms. You can insert it e.g. between the organ pipes in a 20 mm grid board hole or fix it optimally with the supplied wall bracket and thus record the temperature and humidity from one annual tuning or service interval to the next e.g. in 30-minute measuring intervals over a year.

The LOG32 TH version is based on the protocol basis and enables the readout of a pdf file with diagram without PC software on any PC with USB connection. Thereby the many single values are summarized as basis of the curves on an A4 sheet and give fast an overall view with indication of the extremes. Ideal for immediate argumentation on site or as service proof or regarding warranty disputes. With an extra software, which is only available as a free download for the LOG32 TH, changes of the measurement history and the generation of a DBF data file are possible, whose individual values can be output and further processed via an Excel program. This device is ideal for quick access to the data on the customer's PC or for easy reading of the data by the customer and sending the pdf file as an e-mail to you. By such a protocol you can get a picture of the current values on site also over a larger distance.

The device is equipped with a strong battery with 3.6 V 1/2AA. Durability depending on measuring intervals and connection time to PC 1 - 3 years. Stored data are retained in case of power failure.

Technical details: Measuring ranges 0 - 100 % RH (accuracy +/- 3 %), -40°C to + 70°C (accuracy +/- 1 ° C from -20 to +50°) Memory for 60,000 measured values Adjustable cycle time of the measurements from 30 sec. to 24 h LED display for active circuit, alarm and battery status Strong battery 3.6 V (1/2AA) USB plug covered with water-resistant sleeve Operating instructions for download via link

Below you will find operating instructions and 2 sample measurement logs as pdf files. The long-term diagram shows the overview over approx. 1.5 months. It is clearly visible that never the dew point would have been critical. The temperature and the relative humidity were within the desired range. The short-time fluctuations in humidity and temperature show that the device measured a high room temperature at this time due to the direct sunlight through the window at the sensor, and thus the relative humidity also fell sharply at this point. For the concrete evaluation of these extremes the possibly at the same time created DBF file would have to be read out over an Excell program.

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Instruction manual

LOG32TH Example.pdf BA Th-Hygro data logger LOG32TH 01.pdf LOG32TH long term example.pdf

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