Mold abatement

Material for the treatment of mold infestation on wood such as in pipe organs or on building fabric.

Incorrect ventilation, heating energy-saving measures, excessive humidity in rooms, damp wood or walls or even damp layers of dust are ideal conditions for mold to thrive.

In addition to the modification of factors favorable to mold, the sustainable removal of mold spores is also a priority because of health hazards. For this purpose, we offer substances developed by UmAnLab Schmelz that enable clean removal and reduce new infestations. However, if the room climatic conditions are not changed, the mold will only stay away until there is breeding ground for new mold spores again.

Fungo-Clean concentrate for damp cleaning of infested, smooth surfaces made of wood or mineral substance. Use after dry cleaning of the surface with brush and vacuum cleaner. Please use only vacuum cleaners with appropriate filters and appropriate dust masks. Dilute concentrate in a ratio of 1:25 to 1:100, depending on the degree of soiling. Fungo-Clean reliably frees the surface from airborne mycelia of mold and prepares it for fungicidal treatment, e.g. with Fungo-EX-Forte. Available in 1 liter containers as concentrate.

Fungo-EX-Forte Highly effective fungicidal building protection agent for eradicating high-grade mold infestation for smooth wood and mineral building materials with a pronounced remanence effect that reliably prevents renewed infestation. It should be noted, however, that new layers of dust can again be an optimal breeding ground for mold spores from the air, given the appropriate humidity. Available in 1 and 5 liter containers. Is applied with a brush. 1 liter is sufficient for 4 - 8 m², depending on absorbency.

The products are accompanied by detailed processing and protection instructions. A technical data sheet and instructions for use can be viewed and printed below as a pdf file. The product approval number for the product Fungo Ex - Forte is the so-called BAUA No. N-46646.

In addition to good ventilation, it is advisable to use respiratory protection of class P3 when working with the product for a longer period of time. If Fungo-Ex is applied by spraying, it is essential to use filter class A2P3.

If you need larger quantities, the delivery of several containers is not more expensive than large containers.

Please also note our other products such as test procedures mold and air humidity measuring devices. If leather in organ building is treated with FungoEx, it is advisable to apply an after-treatment to re-grease the leather. Ballistol spray, leather and mechanical oil or high-quality paste-like leather grease are useful for this purpose.

For more background information on mold growth, its effects, and remedies that can be used, as well as on spore contamination at the organ workplace, please refer to our Technical Information section.

Instructions for use and technical data sheets

FungoClean instructions for use.pdf FungoClean safety data sheet.pdf Funge-Ex-forte data sheet.pdf Fungo-EX-forte Instructions for use.pdf Fungo-EX-forte safety data sheet.pdf

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Fungo-Clean 1 liter cleaning concentrate
26,00 €
30,94 €
Fungo-Ex-Forte building protection agent 1 liter container
29,50 €
35,11 €
Fungo-Ex-Forte building protection agent 5 liter container
128,60 €
153,03 €