Door lifter, the one-man metal help

Ideal for lifting and lowering door leaves, partitions, furniture, panels, etc. during assembly or adjustment. Thus can be positioned with millimeter precision.

The sensible metal construction allows a parallel height change by the foot lever, which is operated with the whole foot, due to the double lever. See the sketch opposite. The double rail ensures that the door leaf or panel is moved vertically and does not tilt away.

Standard versionlength approx. 25 cm, nickel-plated, load capacity up to 75 kg

Heavyversion length 40 cm, galvanized steel, load capacity up to 200 kg

Do you need a professional device to clamp your electric hand drill? Then click onholder for drill.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Door lifter standard metal
34,90 €
41,53 €
Door jack heavy metal up to 200 kg
55,20 €
65,69 €