Temperature controller for soldering iron and branding iron

To prevent electric soldering irons and electric torches from overheating during waiting times and to ensure that they are available for use at the correct temperature, it is recommended to use this temperature control unit with a pluggable regulating sensor.

This can be plugged into the soldering piece or the side of the firing plate by means of a 3 mm hole. The very long sensor cable, which is wrapped with metal mesh, can either be routed separately to the control unit or, in the case of soldering irons or branding irons that are to be permanently equipped with the sensor, it can be routed in parallel in the handle piece and on the electric cable.

The respective soldering iron or branding iron is not included in the scope of delivery. You can connect the probe to existing working equipment at any time and operate it via the controller.

Please note that the sensor supplied is designed for a maximum heat of 400°C. Higher temperatures will destroy it. Higher temperatures will destroy it. Higher temperatures are not required for soldering, e.g. in organ pipe construction. Even when firing in wood, this maximum temperature is sufficient for a good firing result, depending on the type of wood.

If you are looking for a general overview of soldering irons and regulating devices, please click on the following link metal pipe making in our digital catalog.


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Temperature control 230 V up to max. 400°C incl. temperature sensor
149,40 €
177,79 €