Peeling drill strong conical in 2 sizes and accessories

These strongly conical peeling drills are suitable for expanding holes in wood, sheet metal or tin/lead alloys. In organ building also usable for enlarging large foot holes on metal pipes.

There are 2 sizes available for clamping in drill chucks with a large hexagonal mount for a tight fit.

Small Cat. No. 16719 cone 5 - 19 mm to 68 mm length Large Cat. No. 16730 Cone 5 - 30 mm on 125 mm length

Completed with accessories to

Peeling drill with wooden handle Cat. No. 16719H Cone 5 - 19 mm on 68 mm length with wooden handle Peeling drill with extension Cat. No. 16730V Cone 5 - 30 mm on length 125 mm with detachable extension on total length 380 mm

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