Regulation set

A very practical and time-saving tool for regulating mechanical key actions or mechanical coupling systems.

With normal tools you can also do regulation work, but the regulation set has significant advantages:

  • The regulating pliers have a "pass-through" for interfering wires of up to 3 layers.
  • The pliers jaws clamp parallel at 2 mm and the pliers tips are covered with a thin black felt for better adhesion.
  • The regulating tool is long and thin. Working in the 3rd or 4th wire layer is no problem.
  • The flat tips of the regulating tool have a super sharp hand hewn rasp so you have good serration with the regulating nut.
  • The 30 mm long rasp cut on the tips of the flat sides is on tension on one side, the other on impact. This means that you only need to turn the tool when changing the direction of nut rotation.

Regulating pliers 190 mm long, chrome-plated with PVC overz. Handles Can also be used as parallel pliers at approx. 8 mm!

Regulatingtool approx. 300 mm long, steel 7 x 3 mm with lacquered wooden handle. Wooden handle

Delivery as a set or individually possible.

NEW LED pliers light - a great help when using the regulating tool at poorly illuminated regulating points. For more information, click on the pliers light.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Special holding and regulating pliers - version 2017 -
38,20 €
45,46 €
Regulating set pliers + rasp add. - version 2017 -
74,80 €
89,01 €
Regulating tool single with wooden handle
37,90 €
45,10 €