LED light strip

LED lighting technology offers many advantages, especially in the area of playground equipment as play cabinet or pedal lighting.

With little space requirement, a targeted and full-area illumination is achieved. The LED strips, which are only 12 mm wide, require a maximum of a 10 mm deep groove or can be mounted behind a small panel. The bright double LEDs in the warm light range selected by us achieve a good illumination even on surfaces at a distance of up to 80 cm. Furthermore, the distribution over the full width is very helpful. This way, the stop panels or the pistons or pedal keys further out do not remain in the half-shadow.

Our LED light strips are 50 cm long and equipped with 42 bright double LEDs. The light output is about 800 lumens. If more than one light strip is needed, more can be attached in parallel or extended by connecting cables. The power supply with 1 ampere can supply 2 such 50 cm long strips. For the illumination of the pedal area we recommend 1 - 2 strips. Possibly the 50 cm long light strip can still be divided in the middle, if on site the illumination in the middle is too punctual.

Our LED light strips are equipped with thin self-adhesive felt strips on the back for sensible attachment. This allows them to be sensibly glued onto a smooth, preferably painted surface.

As a set for pedal or manual lighting or as an exchange module for rod-shaped lights, we have selected the following parts that have proven themselves in practice: 1 piece LED light strip 50 cm long with self-adhesive felt pads on the back. 1 piece power supply 230 V to 24 V with mains connection cable and approx. 50 cm low voltage connection cable with round plug. 1 piece connection cable for the light strip with matching plug for the low voltage connection cable of the power supply unit. This set can be ordered as a complete set under Cat. No. B54015 completely.

If the 50 cm light strip is to be used parallel to a bar-shaped LED music stand light (B54...) as pedal lighting , this strip can also be supplied by the power supply unit of the music stand light. For this variant we deliver in the set "attached pedal lighting" 1 piece 50 cm long LED strip with 2 pcs. connection cable with 1 m length each and a double plug as branching from the power supply cable. This set can be found under Cat. No. B54020.

Please also note our shapelydesk lights made of brass, stainless steel colored or colored lacquered and for LED lights the interconnectabledimmer.

Please note that our lighting technology requires a certain amount of assembly. For the specialized trade we grant a usual discount on the prices shown below.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
2pin thin LED light strip connection cable 100 cm long with plug
5,45 €
6,49 €
3pcs. set LED light strips 50 cm for manual or pedal illumination with power supply and various cables. Connection cable
70,10 €
83,42 €
Set "attached pedal lighting" with 50 cm LED strips, 2 connection cables with 100 cm each and double connector plug for existing power supply unit
57,50 €
68,43 €
LED light strip 50 cm long with 42 bright double LEDs warm white, glued on the back side
46,50 €
55,34 €
2pin connecting cable for LED light rails 30 cm long with plug
2,60 €
3,09 €
Connection cable power supply to light strip 50 cm long with round plug
3,80 €
4,52 €
Power supply 100 - 240 V to 24 V DC (1 Amp.) up to 4 single lines with power plug cable
19,80 €
23,56 €
2pin thin LED light strip connection cable with 200 cm extra length with plug
9,90 €
11,78 €