Wood preservation

A high quality product made from vegetable and 100% natural raw materials according to a Swiss recipe secret.

Ideal for all types of wood in raw, oiled, waxed, veneered or even lacquered. Also suitable for children's toys, kitchen utensils, cutting boards, etc., as food safe.

The application is simple. Just rub the surface and let it work for 2 - 3 hours. Polish if necessary. The result is a silky matt shine. The wood looks alive, liquids bead off and is also protected from drying out.

Since the wood butter is 100% skin friendly, it can even be used as a hand cream and helps to keep the skin moisturized. So also still an ideal side effect when processing compared to other preservatives, which should be processed only with protective gloves.

Supplied in cans of 250 ml

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Renuwll wooden butter 250 ml - tin
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